NOVATUNE Engine Performance Upgrade for Mercedes-AMG / A-Class / A 45 (W 176) / CLA 45 (117) / GLA 45 (X 156) – Stage 3 – part number NTBV20736-381-2/2

  • Engine Performance Upgrade – additional control unit includes wiring
  • Turbo Downpipe to replace the stock catalytic converter
    (Complete with two O2 sensor and mounting bracket, handcrafter in Aisi 304 Stainless Steel, TIG welded)
  • Delete-R (in order to avoid O2 sensor failure and check engine light)
  • Car Warranty

Standard power:  280 kW (381 hp), 475 Nm (lb-ft 350)
Enhanced power: 330 kW (449 hp), 570 Nm (lb-ft 420)
(based on 98 octane gas rating)

for Mercedes-AMG / A-Class / A 45 Sedan (W 176)
for Mercedes-AMG / CLA / CLA 45 Coupé (C 117)
for Mercedes-AMG / CLA / CLA 45 Shooting Brake (X 117)
for Mercedes-AMG / GLA / GLA 45 SUV (X 156)

Sales price: 3,190.00 Euro

includes 19% sales tax and NOVATUNE Car Warranty

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For gasoline cars, the desired performance enhancement is achieved by changing the boost pressure, the same way the system was originally designed to operate. Important components like the air-fuel-mix are always taken into consideration to get the best results and make the engine operate as if stock with simply more power. So what is the benefit of all this Intelligent Technology for your vehicle?

Our engine performance upgrade gives approx. an additional 20% increase in power and torque, giving you greater towing power and making overtaking effortless and safer. There are many products on the market today that claim to increase power and torque. Buzz words like chip tuning, chipping or flashing are technologies of the past, products that increase only turbo pressure without adapting other important components are simplistic technology, – this can cause major engine failure. If you are looking for a quality product, that has been tried, tested and sold worldwide – then there is only one

We are the engine additional performance electronic specialists. Choose the brand that you can trust. Choose NOVATUNE.
Simply smarter. Simply safer.