NOVATUNE Engine Performance Upgrade for MINI / F54 Cooper D Clubman and Cooper SD Clubman / F55 – F56 – F57 MINI Cooper SD / F60 MINI Cooper D Countryman – part number NTDV30019

  • Engine Performance Upgrade – additional control unit includes wiring
  • Car Warranty
  • Made in Germany

for MINI Cooper D Clubman F54 
Standard power: 110 kW (150 hp), 330 Nm (lb-ft 243)
Enhanced power: 131 kW (178 hp), 385 Nm (lb-ft 284)
for MINI Cooper SD Clubman F54
Standard power: 140 kW (190 hp), 400 Nm (lb-ft 295)
Enhanced power: 163 kW (222 hp), 470 Nm (lb-ft 347)
for MINI Cooper SD F55 / F56 / F57

Standard power: 125 kW (170 hp), 360 Nm (lb-ft 266)
Enhanced power: 146 kW (199 hp), 420 Nm (lb-ft 310)  
for MINI Cooper D Countryman F60
Standard power: 110 kW (150 hp), 330 Nm (lb-ft 243)
Enhanced power: 131 kW (178 hp), 385 Nm (lb-ft 284)
Sales price: 1,495.00 Euro

includes 19% sales tax and NOVATUNE Car Warranty


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NOVATUNE DELETE-R – O2 sensor simulator for lambda probe

  • stainless steel 
  • 90° for thread M18 x 1.5
  • length adjustable for different depths

In order to avoid O2 sensor failure and possible engine check error codes caused by the improved emission flow.
(For those running racing catalytic convertors or catless downpipes)

Sales price: 78.75 Euro includes 19% tax


Unscrew the OEM lambda probe and screw in the NOVATUNE simulator. First put the copper washer between the hexagon nut
and the OEM lambda probe thread hole.
CAUTION: The thread of the NOVATUNE simulator may only be screwed in so far that the top is on the same level
as the surface inside the racing catalytic convertor or catless downpipe (not into the direct exhaust gas stream).
Tighten up with the hexagon nut to secure. Screw in the OEM lambda probe in the NOVATUNE simulator.


NOVATUNE glass wind deflector for MINI Roadster R59 – part number NTWSMI

NOVATUNE glass wind deflector
for MINI Roadster R59

– made of 6 mm tempered safety glass
– with DIN stamp and TUV certificate
– including all necessary holders and attachement parts
– only for cars with standard wind deflector
(Retrofitting for cars without standard wind deflector possible)

Sales price: 349.00 Euro includes 19% sales tax


With NOVATUNE you find the right wind deflector for your Convertible or Roadster. NOVATUNE wind deflecotrs are made of tempered safety glass to meet the highest demands in optics and function.

NOVATUNE wind deflectors are tested on the relevant vehicle models even at maximum speed with special devices. A glass wind deflector will always guarantee a clear rear view and it gives you a safer feeling in the twilight.

If you are looking for a quality product, that has been tried, tested and sold worldwide – then there is only one!


Choose the brand that you can trust. Choose NOVATUNE.

Simply smarter. Simply safer.