NOVATUNE Power Pedal for all BMW vehicles – part number NTPPBMW

NOVATUNE Power Pedal for all BMW vehicles
(additional control unit includes wiring)
adjustable at 18 different characteristic lines (at the push of a button)

Sales price: 249.90 Euro includes 19% sales tax

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The NOVATUNE Power Pedal is directly connected to the gas pedal (plug & play) and it improves the response of the vehicle at the push of a button. It does not give you any more horse power but with the NOVATUNE Power Pedal, the full dynamic potential of the vehicle is utilized by the optimized gas pedal feature. 

The NOVATUNE Power Pedal comes with specific vehicle characteristic lines. All possible lines can be used. There are 18 different gas pedal characteristic lines in total. They are divided into 3 selection options; each of 6 lines. You can switch the 3 selection options by pressing the central button. They distinguish themselves through their different LED colors.

Each selection is individually adjustable by pressing the plus or minus button. Select the desired gas pedal characteristic line to match your car.
The engine responses much more dynamically.

When the engine was restarted, a renewed adjustment is not necessary. The NOVATUNE Power Pedal stores the last setting.

If you are looking for a quality product, that has been tried, tested and sold worldwide – then there is only one.
Choose the brand that you can trust. Choose NOVATUNE Germany.

Watch this installation video.