NOVATUNE DELETE-R – O2 sensor simulator for lambda probe

  • stainless steel 
  • 90° for thread M18 x 1.5
  • length adjustable for different depths

In order to avoid O2 sensor failure and possible engine check error codes caused by the improved emission flow.
(For those running racing catalytic convertors or catless downpipes)

Sales price: 78.75 Euro includes 19% tax


Unscrew the OEM lambda probe and screw in the NOVATUNE simulator. First put the copper washer between the hexagon nut
and the OEM lambda probe thread hole.
CAUTION: The thread of the NOVATUNE simulator may only be screwed in so far that the top is on the same level
as the surface inside the racing catalytic convertor or catless downpipe (not into the direct exhaust gas stream).
Tighten up with the hexagon nut to secure. Screw in the OEM lambda probe in the NOVATUNE simulator.